our plastic free story

The Process

'Demand for change comes via the wallet. We knew we had to be the ones pushing'

We began the thought process of having a plastic free business in early 2018, when the family decided the only way to be sure we weren’t adding to the problem was to make our products 100% plastic free. We wanted to provide a plastic-free skincare solution and weren't happy with the limited options out there. We knew we had to create our own solution. 


As we all know, the demand for change always comes via the wallet. We knew we had to be the ones pushing, so we contacted (and continue to contact) as many suppliers as possible, asking for plastic free alternatives.

The Problem

'We need to drastically change our use of plastics'

Our planet and our oceans are full of plastic, but how can this be? People all around the world recycle our plastic bottles. But what if the plastic we recycle isn’t being  re-used? We didn’t have any evidence for this but seeing the oceans full made us suspicious!

Could it be that the companies buying our plastic waste were shipping it out to third parties who were picking out the best plastic and dumping the rest?, and that the dumped plastic was finding its way into our oceans? Again no evidence but then David Attenborough’s shocking documentary Blue Planet 2 was aired in 2018 and the extent of the problem was clear.

It is now more clear than ever, that we need to drastically change our use of plastics.

The solution

'We are 100% plastic free! Watch this space!'

Our approach is 'Research and Push' - We know that in today's World, the consumer has power in their wallet and we know that if we create demand, producers will follow. We looked harder and discovered the cardboard pots we are now using and they are 100% compostable! These pots come at a price, but it’s an excellent start! 


We are constantly searching for and contacting manufacturers to find and provide plastic free solutions, so we can extend and improve our range. We aim to grow our range to include a full everyday range, so you can use us for all of your plastic-free skincare needs! Watch this space!

We are delighted to be part of the ‘push’ to plastic free and to be able to say that we are 100% plastic free.