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5 Plastic Free & Reduced Waste Christmas Shopping Ideas!

1. Present Wrapping

Did you know that most ribbon is made from polyester? Unless it's real silk of course! Many off-the-shelf wrapping papers also contain plastic or are not recyclable. This Christmas, consider tying your presents with wool or garden raffia, use paper tape and recyclable wrapping paper. Plastic Freedom has a fantastic range of plastic free and biodegradable gift wrapping!

2. Beer and wine

Did you know that beer caps and screw caps for wine have plastic liners inside them? Buy wine bottles with corks as the cork oak used in wine stoppers is entirely sustainable according to various sources. Buy canned beer in multi-pack boxes to avoid the nasty six-pack plastic rings.

3.Christmas vegetables

Shop local for your Christmas fruit and veg - most local green grocers use far less packaging than the plastic wrapped veg you'll find in supermarkets! Alternatively, order online at stores like Riverford Organics and get your delivery in paper bags, like we all once did, not that many years ago!

4. Candles & Christmas Crackers

Switch to larger long ‘dinner’ candles instead of tea-lights and save on all those little tin shells! The Derbyshire Candle Company make some fantastic festive candles that are inspired by the natural scenes from around the Peak District & Derbyshire. Many shops are now selling plastic free and reusable Christmas crackers! Every year this Christmas tradition produces a huge amount of plastic waste, so if you're set on having Christmas Crackers this year, have a look at the more sustainable alternatives from places like and

5. Gifts

Give plastic free gifts this Christmas. Many companies are now working to reduce the plastic content in their products, we're pleased to say our entire range ia 100% plastic free! Our Christmas Gift Set (containing our best selling products) makes a perfect planet-conscious gift this Christmas! Last ordering day for Christmas 18th December.

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