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5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste in 2019 for #plasticfreejuly

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and communities. Ready to take the challenge?

Plastics are poisoning our environment, take the challenge to go plastic free this July.

Here are a few of our favourite plastic free practices

Ditch the cling film! This single use plastic is one of the country's most used plastics, but it's also one of the easiest to avoid. Choose reusable containers to store food or use washable beeswax cloths, like these ones made in the Peak District!

Shop at zero waste stores. Choosing to shop for your food at packaging-free stores has the obvious benefit of, you guessed it, no packaging! These shops let you buy produce by weight which you take away in your own re-usable containers. Some great local shops to check out are Day Zero in Buxton and Unwrapped Shop in Sheffield.

Ditch the tea bags! Many tea brands use plastic products in their tea bags, switching to loose leaf tea is a simple way to cut down on plastic waste

Choose plastic free & sustainably packaged products where possible. There are many plastic-free alternatives to your everyday purchases out there. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our skincare products are 100% plastic free and compostable!

Switch to bamboo toothbrushes. Another common throwaway item is the humble toothbrush. Big companies like Colgate tell us to replace our toothbrush every 3-4 months - think of all those toothbrushes going in landfill every year! Bamboo offers a compostable alternative. These are stocked at Day Zero and available online.

We hope this has given you some inspiration. Check out to find more tips and tricks on how you can reduce plastic waste in your home and community.

Our Plastic Free Story

From the outset we decided to use 100% compostable cardboard containers for our skincare range. This was a challenge as it’s usual for skincare products to be in glass jars with plastic lids, or entirely plastic packaging! So the hunt was on for a 100% compostable cardboard tube. We found a supplier and had the tubes specially lined with greaseproof paper. Using cardboard mail out packaging was easier as no bubble wrap is necessary for cardboard containers.

As a family and a business we also aim to be as plastic free as possible. But there is always more to do!

Ready to take the challenge?

Visit to find more tips and tricks on how you can reduce plastic waste in your home and community.

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