This 100% strong cotton creamy/white face cloth is a square of approximately 18cm x 18cm (7” x7”) and we think it is simply hand crocheting at its best! Strong enough to withstand multiple washes at high cotton temperatures but soft enough for use on your delicate skin. This face cloth will replace the need for throw-away type cotton wool pads. Ideal for use in removing both our clay face masks and buffing grains, or in the bath as an all over wash cloth.


Product Story: We wanted to help the environment by offering you washable and reusable make-up removing cloths. To our delight we were lucky enough to find we had an artisan crocheter in our home village of Tideswell. So we commissioned these handmade face cloth to be made and chose 100% unbleached cotton yarn. So while they are soft to the touch and may look delicate they are strong and durable.

Hand Crocheted Face Cloth

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